DCC Spring training days


Session 1: Reviewing DMP's, Escape room, Community building
  • Reviewing DMP (Esther Plomp, TU Delft) , presentation
  • Escape room: proper RDM is the only way out (Elisa Rodenburg, VU)
  • Community building (Lena Karvovskaya, VU), presentation
Session 2: The role of good RDM in accelerating scientific progress
Session 3: Anonymising and pseudonymising  
  • Basic techniques and tools for protecting your (personal) sensitive data. The protection model(K-anonymity, L-diversity, T-closeness) will be handled. Different levels of access control and best practices on passwords, Hanne Vlietinck, Hasselt University (Belgium) (presentation)
  • Data Minimalisation, Afshin Amighi, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (basic concepts document)
Session 4: Practical Pedagogical Techniques for hands-on workshops
  • Story telling, Hanne Vlietinck, Hasselt University (Belgium) (presentation)
  • Inclusive language (document, document)
  • Teaching each other, how to make a lesson that work and build a teaching community, Greg Wilson (online document)
  • Methods for applied sciences education (website, in Dutch)
Session 5: Session 5 Organizing your data and software with a reproducible workflow
  • No documents available