Pool of experts

Everyone active can join the LCRDM community of RDM experts. The LCRDM categorises RDM and FAIR expertise in nine fields: (1) Data Stewardship, (2) Data Infrastructure, (3) Financial Aspects of FAIR, (4) Governance, (5) Legal aspects & privacy, (6) Metadata & Vocabularies, (7) Sustainable Software, (8) Tools, (9) Digital Competence Center. If you want to join this community or if you want to adjust your field(s) of expertise please let us know.

Amsterdam UMC

Bob van Dijk  e-mail Data infrastructure
Jeroen Beliën  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Governance
Joost Daams  e-mail
Klaudia Onnasch  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure
Rudy Scholte  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Simone van Kleef  e-mail  Data Stewardship

Castor EDC

Derk Arts  e-mail  Data infrastructure


Vera Sarkol  e-mail  Data Stewardship


Cees Hof e-mail Data Infrastructure, Training
Deborah Thorpe e-mail Data Stewardship, Training
Emilie Kraaikamp  e-mail  Legal Aspects & Privacy
Hella Hollander e-mail Data Infrastructure
Jetze Touber e-mail Data Infrastructure
Kim Ferguson  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Training
Loek Brinkman e-mail Governance of RDM, Training
Maaike Verburg e-mail Data Stewardship, Governance of RDM, Tools, Training
Marion Wittenberg  e-mail  Data infrastructure
Marjan Grootveld e-mail Data Stewardship, Governance of RDM, Training
Ricarda Braukmann e-mail Data infrastructure
Valentijn Gilissen  e-mail  Data Stewardship


Celia van Gelder  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Mijke Jetten  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Data infrastructure
Rob Hooft  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Tools, Data infrastructure

Erasmus MC

Erasmus University

Arjan de Wit  e-mail
Jeroen Rombouts  e-mail  Data infrastructure, Governance
Miriam Braskova  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Data infrastructure
Nynke de Groot  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure
Paul Plaatsman  e-mail  Governance, Data Infrastructure, Financial Aspects of FAIR

eScience Center

Carlos Martinez-Ortiz  e-mail Data infrastructure, Tools, Sustainable Software
Erik Tjong Kim Sang  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Tom Bakker  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Sustainable Software

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Barbara Vermaas e-mail
Vera Timmers

Free University

Dominique Hagenauw  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy
Jessica Hrudey  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Jolien Scholten  e-mail Data Stewardship
Lena Karvovskaya  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Marcel Ras  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Data Infrastructure, DCC
Maurice Vanderfeesten  e-mail
Sander Bosch  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Tom Paffen  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy


Ingrid Busser  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Liza Bruggenkamp  e-mail

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Fienke Strijbos  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Legal aspects & privacy
Henk van der Zijden  e-mail  Governance, Financial Aspects of FAIR, Legal aspects & privacy
Judy Schoonhoven  e-mail 


Mira Staphorst  e-mail  Financial Aspects of FAIR


Sebastiaan Derks  e-mail  Governance, Data Infrastructure, Tools

InHolland University of Applied Sciences

Richard Visscher  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Tools

Imming Impact

Melanie Imming  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Data Infrastructure 


Gera Pronk  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy


Leiden University

Kristina Hettne  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Mareike Boom  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Michelle van den Berk  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Financial Aspects of FAIR
Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy
Wouter Kool  e-mail
Niek van Ulzen  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Legal aspects & privacy

Leids UMC

Erik Flikkenschild  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Martiene Moester  e-mail
Petra van Overveld  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools
Sonja Meeuwsen  e-mail  Data Stewardship

Maastricht University

Alfons Schroten  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Annemie Mordant  e-mail Data Stewardship, Governance, Legal aspects & privacy
Arnold Verhoeven  e-mail  Governance, Legal aspects & privacy
Denise Jongen  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy
Erik Jansen  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure
Fieke Wauters  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure
Henk van den Hoogen  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Maria Vivas-Romero  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Olav Palmen  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools


Ruud Houben  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools

Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed

Joost van der Nat  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools

NFU & UMC Utrecht

Martin Boeckhout  e-mail  Governance, Legal aspects & privacy

NHL Stenden

Ingrid van Gorkum  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Legal aspects & privacy


Jeff Templon  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools, Financial Aspects of FAIR


Taco de Bruin  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Legal aspects & privacy


Winnie Schats  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools


Maria Cruz  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Mark van Assem,  e-mail, Data Stewardship, Governance

Radboud University

Eric Maris  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Engagement
Inge Slouwerhof  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy, Onderzoeksondersteuning
Jan Rijnders  e-mail  Governance, Data Infrastructure, Tools
Rob Gommans  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Legal aspects & privacy


Gerald Wildenbeest  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools
Renate Mattiszik  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools


Sanne de Vries  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Legal aspects & privacy


Mark Cole  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Mark van de Sanden  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Financial Aspects of FAIR
Martine Teirlinck  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Engagement, Governance,
Narges Zarrabi  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Olga Scholcz  e-mail  Juridische aspecten van RDM
Sandra Passchier  e-mail  Engagement, Governance van RDM, Data Infrastructure 
Ymke van den Berg  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Annette Langedijk e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools

Iza Witkowska  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance

Technical University Delft

Jasper van Dijck  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Legal aspects & privacy
Jeff Love  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Madeleine de Smaele  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Marta Teperek  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Financial Aspects of FAIR
Michelle van der Kooij  e-mail  Financiële aspecten van RDM
Robbert Eggermont  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Santosh Ilamparuthi  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Yan Wang  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Governance
Yasemin Türkyilmaz  e-mail

Esther Plomp  e-mail

Technical University Eindhoven

Bart Aben  e-mail  Data Stewardship,Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy

Silvie van Dam  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Sjef Öllers  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Toine Kuiper  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Sil van Lieshout e-mail Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy

Tilburg University

Hanneke Teunissen  e-mail  Data Stewardship

Petra Ploeg  e-mail  Data Stewardship

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Saskia Rademaker  e-mail


Hans Laagland  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Governance, Tools

UMC Groningen

Jan Lucas van der Ploeg  e-mail
Salome Scholtens  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Financial Aspects of FAIR

UMC Utrecht

Marjolein Sijbers  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Yvonne Drost  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance van RDM, Data Infrastructure , Legal aspects & privacy

University of Amsterdam

Caspar Treijtel  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Marion Leenen  e-mail Legal aspects & privacy
Renze Brandsma e-mail Data Infrastructure, Tools

University of Groningen

Christina Elsenga  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance van RDM, Data Infrastructure  Financiële aspecten van RDM
Francisco Romero Pastrana  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Legal aspects & privacy
Hans Brouwers  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Maarten Goldberg  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy, Onderzoeksondersteuning
Marijke Verheij  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Sarah Willemsen  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools 
Wietkse Degen  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Governance, Financial Aspects of FAIR

University of Twente

Arjan van Hessen  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy
Henk Swaters  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Maarten van Bentum  e-mail  Governance
Marga Koelen  e-mail  Governance, Data Infrastructure
Nicole Koster  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Patrick Hoetink  e-mail  Governance

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Dick Vestdijk  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Legal aspects & privacy
Tineke van der Meer  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Legal aspects & privacy Judith Pijnacker  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools

University Utrecht

Jacques Flores  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Legal aspects & privacy
Jasper de Groot  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Maarten Hoogerwerf  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Martine Pronk  e-mail
Monic Hodes  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance, Data Infrastructure
Otto Lange  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools
Reinout Raijmakers  e-mail  Data Infrastructure, Tools, Financial Aspects of FAIR

Wageningen University & Research

Erik van den Bergh  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools
Femke Geysen  e-mail  Tools
Frans Pingen  e-mail Legal aspects & privacy
Joan Schrijvers  e-mail  Legal aspects & privacy
Shauna Ní Fhlaithearta  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Governance
Theo Jetten  e-mail  Governance, Juridische aspecten van RDM


Esther Eisen-Tijssen  e-mail  Data Stewardship
Raymond Snijders  e-mail Legal aspects & privacy


Margreet Bloemers  e-mail  Data Stewardship, Data Infrastructure, Tools